Mountain State Spirits

We are Mountain State Spirits, a Unique Craft Distillery hand making a new class of North American Cordials, Bourbon Ratafias, from our distillery in the mountains of West Virginia.
We Are So Proud of Our Recent Awards

A New Class of American Cordial

We created our Bourbon Ratafias to elevate one of North America’s finest beverages, Bourbon. Bourbon’s unique character is highlighted with the finest quality ingredients and old-world techniques to create a cordial like no other. Drinkable straight or mixed in cocktails, our Bourbon Ratafias are sure to please the most discerning palate.

Our singular goal is to create a truly delicious North American Cordial unlike any other found on earth, so when we use the word unique when describing ourselves, we are not stretching the truth.

We are so proud of our first two products that are just coming to market, but stay tuned as we have many more recipes already simmering in barrels.

History of Ratafia

The history of Ratafia dates back to 17th Century Mediterranean areas of Spain, Italy, and France. The products were typically liqueurs/cordials made by local craftsmen in small batches and have come to include a number of fortified wines from Champagne.

Our First Two Products

Walnut Maple and Hazelnut Honey Bourbon Ratafia

Walnut Maple Bourbon Ratafia

Bold and rich, our Walnut Maple infuses pure, whole ingredients into the finest Bourbon to create a Cordial unlike any other. Wonderful straight and dynamic in cocktails, one sip and you will understand why we love it so much.

Hazelnut Honey Bourbon Ratafia

Smooth, buttery, and just the right sweetness, our Hazelnut Honey is inspiring for all the right reasons. Infused from only pure, whole ingredients to create a fantastic cordial with drinkability. Straight or mixed, you’ll be amazed at it's complexity and versatility.